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China’s Government Fuels Stablecoin Economy: Hong Kong Protesters, Singapore and Mainland Residents Flee Capital Controls

A recent study published by Amun researcher, Eliézer Ndinga, shows that USD-pegged stablecoins are being leveraged in Hong Kong as “vehicles for capital control flight.” The report shows how individuals...
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Indian Government Reconsiders Banning Cryptocurrency: Report

The Indian government is reportedly reconsidering a plan to ban cryptocurrency and the finance ministry has initiated related inter-ministerial consultations. The move is supposedly spurred by the supreme court quashing...
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Carl Watner: The Tragedy of Political Government

“What is tragic about political government?” you might ask. Let us return to that question once we have examined the nature of political government and the State. In order to...
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Bitcoin to Rise to $20K This Year Spurred by Government Money Printing and Covid-19: Bloomberg

Bloomberg has forecast bitcoin to reach its record high of $20,000, and possibly $28,000, this year. According to the company’s June Crypto Outlook report, “something has to really go wrong...
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Chinese Government Crackdowns and Cheap Hydropower- Miners Migrate from North to South China

China-based bitcoin miners have started to migrate southbound from North China, according to local reports. The operators are having difficulties and are transitioning mining facilities for cheap hydro-powered electricity. Testimonials...
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US Government Prediction: Economy Faces 10-Year Recovery, $8 Trillion Loss From Coronavirus

The U.S. Congressional Budget Office has projected that the coronavirus crisis will cost the U.S. economy about $8 trillion. Many factors play a part in shrinking the economy, such as...
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US Government Puts Out $5 Million Bounty for Petro Supervisor

The United States government has put Joselit Ramirez Camacho, the Venezuelan government’s superintendent of the Petro cryptocurrency, on its Most Wanted List. According to a June 1 statement, the Homeland...
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UK Government Seizes $185 Million From Dormant Bank Accounts for Crisis Relief

The UK government is seizing funds in dormant bank accounts worth approximately $185 million to fund its coronavirus relief efforts. So far, 30 banks have been voluntarily transferring money from...
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Crypto Valley Firms Brace Up as Swiss Government Denies Bailout Application

Switzerland’s Crypto valley appears to be in dire financial strains, as the government recently rejected a six-figure bailout proposal for the region. Tages-Anzeiger, a local news source, confirmed on Monday...
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Swiss Government Rejects $103 Million Bailout for Crypto Companies Battered by Coronavirus

Switzerland’s government has rejected a 100 million franc ($103 million) bailout for local cryptocurrency companies battered by the coronavirus economy, local media reported. Zug finance director Heinz Taennler requested the...
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